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Celebrating RHYTHM Concert is the third of a new concept of artistic events that combines music, the spoken word and meditation, creating an exciting and thoughtful experience for the artists and audience together.  
As creators and producers, we adapt to a different era and invite you, as spectators, to live music, and other art expressions with a new perspective. 


El concierto “Celebrando RITMO” es el tercero de un nuevo concepto de eventos artísticos que combina música, la palabra hablada y la meditación, creando una experiencia emocionante y de reflexión, tanto para los artistas como para el público.
Como creadores y productores nos adaptamos a una era diferente y los invitamos a ustedes, como espectadores, a vivir la música y otras expresiones artísticas bajo una nueva perspectiva.

About the perfomers:


Eugenia Mendez: 

José Gregorio Hernández 
José Gregorio, originally from Venezuela, started playing professionally at the age of eleven with an all kids Gaita band. After performing throughout South America, Jose moved to Chicago in 1989 and settled in Miami in 1999. He has become widely known as an upcoming percussionist in Latin jazz, rock, funk, pop, salsa, folkloric and Afro Caribbean music as well as a sought-after clinician.

José has been awarded an Emmy Award in 2007 for the best music video and has also been part of percussion arrangements for Ilan Chester’s 2009 album and many other Grammy nominations in, 2010, 2012,2013, 2014.
His most recent triumph was to be co-producer and percussionist of Franco de Vita’s, “En Primera Fila DVD/album in which has up to date received 5 Grammy nominations for 2011, and it was awarded 2 Grammys.

Karrie Griffiths

Tony Major

Image by Michael Maasen


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Classical Music



1. Welcoming audience “MURMULLOS”, by Eugenia Méndez- audio 
2. Amanece, by Eugenia Méndez (voice, indigenous flute and percussion )
3. Prelude II in C minor, by J.S. Bach (piano and percussion)
4. Meditation based on mantram (Tony Major)
5. Vals al Encuentro del camino (en 2022) (piano solo), by Eugenia Méndez
6. Poema en español Yo soy -movimiento y color (voice), by Eugenia Méndez
7. Merengue Rucaneao, by Gerhard Weilheim -Gerry Weil- (piano and percussion)
8. Quiero Nombrarte, by Eugenia Mendez-based in Poems by Eugenio Montejo from his book ”Papiros amorosos” (percussion and voice)
9. Ni ná ni ná, by Eduardo Serrano (voice, piano and percussion) 
10. Poem Images of a self, Poem by Eugenia Méndez (Voice)
11. Danzas Argentinas, by Alberto Ginastera (piano solo)


1. Recibimiento “MURMULLOS”, de Eugenia Méndez- audio 
2. Amanece, de Eugenia Méndez (voz, flauta indígena y percusión)
3. Preludio 2 en Cmin, de J.S. Bach (piano y percusión)
4. Meditación de inicio (Voz)
    1. yo soy infinitud yo soy infinito yo soy el todo El Todo soy Yo
5. Vals al Encuentro del camino (en 2022) (Piano solo)
6. Poema en español “Yo soy -movimiento y color”(Voz)
7. Merengue Rucaneao (piano, flauta y percusión)
8. Quiero Nombrarte, de Eugenia Mendez-Basado en Poemas de Eugenia Montejo de su libro”Papiros amorosos” (Percusión y voz)
9. Ni ná ni ná (Voz, Piano y percusion) 
10. Poem Images of a self (Poem by Eugenia Méndez) (Voz)
11. Danzas Argentinas de Alberto Ginastera Piano solo)

Image by Dylan Mullins


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