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Welcome to Music&Art Vive en Miami!
Music&Art Vive en Miami is a podcast radio show of Music in Miami, Inc. (not for profit organization) and Kalos Music & Art School. You will listen to music of all genres and artists interviews from Miami to the world, in Spanish and English.
Learn, create, and share live creators from Miami.

Music & Art Vive en Miami Podcasts


Episode 1
Music&Art Vive en Miami Introduction

Episode 2
Music&Art Vive en Miami Podcast directors and producers Karrie Griffiths and Eugenia Méndez

Episode 3
José Manuel Lezcano, guitarist and composer

Episode 4
Pedro Castillo, Composer, singer, guitarist, announcer, producer

Episode 5
Marco Navarrete, performer Oboe principal of the
Symphony of the Americas

Episode 6
Saúl Vera, Performer and composer, specialist in Bandola Llanera, Mandolin, among other plucked instruments

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